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Jasmine Al Sham

Jasmine Al Sham offers you the taste of Syria in every bite. Come and visit us.


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Jasmine Al Sham

Jasmine Al Sham

Would you like to taste the authentic flavours of Syrian and Lebanese plates? At Jasmine Al Sham we make your wishes come true. Come and delight your palate with the aromas and sensations of one of the oldest culinary traditions in the world. We have for you a great variety of exotic and delicious meals: Kafta Brochette, Shish Taouk, Assiette Falafel, Whole Grilled Chicken and more. Order online for delivery or visit us at the branch nearest you.

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Quality score

  • Tina Ali

    Tina Ali Tina Ali

    -I've ordered from them a bunch of times and it's always been a great experience. Their beef sham plate is so so good. The people there are also always so nice and they don't skimp out on portions. Everything is always fresh. Highly recommended !-
  • Khaled Himmat

    Khaled Himmat Khaled Himmat

    -The best shawarma in CANADA hands down! The staff are extremely friendly, family owned restaurant, and you can definitely tell that they are passionate and care about their customers. The ingredients are fresh and they don’t skimp out either! If you’re passing by the West Island and are hungry, you NEED to eat here. Montreal’s hidden gem.-
  • Kieran Castillo

    Kieran Castillo Kieran Castillo

    -We love eating out. Last night we found this fine place which we didn’t know before. We passed a delightful evening there with exceptional cooking and an experienced stuff and an impressive cuisine. We added this fine restaurant in our list and we shall surely come back soon. Highly recommended.-
  • Mo

    Mo Mo

    -I found this place when i was taking the bus i went in and everything was clean the owner was very kind and the food amazing I was holding two of their delicious chickens and the staff opened me the door very kind and the food amazing the best rice in Montreal no jokes you've got to try it out i am willing to go back again and i recommend this place 100% ( the bill wasn't expensive?)-
  • Johny Balian

    Johny Balian Johny Balian

    -If you're looking for some delicious Syrian food, definitely visit this place. The owners are a Syrian family and super friendly and hospitable. Highlights of their menu is the shawerma sandwich that comes in thin pita bread and grilled over the charcoal. This type of sandwich is rare to find in Montreal, and is called Shawerma Mashrooha in Syria. They cut it up and arrange it deliciously on the plate. Make sure to visit early as their food is limited, and almost sold out by night time!-
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